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Top flowers for your wedding reception decor

It’s time to move on from roses. While we do recommend it for a classic wedding reception, but if you want to see all your options before you decide on one or a couple of them, then read on. Flowers do add beauty and freshness to the wedding receptions. Not only flowers belong in the bride’s bouquet, but also everywhere she steps. Let’s make wedding decorations more alive with pretty flowers. And what’s more? We have a variety of flowers to choose from. Choose a combination of them to style it according to your wedding theme. If you have decided on the theme and colour schemes, then deciding flowers for the decor would not be such a hassle.

Whether you are using flowers for decor or for gifting it to someone, it surely brightens the mood of the receiver and the onlookers. That’s the flower power we need in life! Want to send your best wishes to someone through flowers? You can! With quick and efficient service from Flowers & Petals, you can send flowers online in Australia! Make your near and dear ones feel special with a surprise flower delivery. Revive the emotions with fresh flowers! Visit  Flowers and Petals to place your order.

Here are the flowers that will surely add to the beauty of any wedding reception:

Timeless rose

Rose has been traditionally known for its exquisite beauty and charm. But there were times we could only get it in reds and pinks. But now we have a variety of colours to choose from! If you believe in the meaning behind flowers, then do not go for black roses. Rest of the colours are just fine! From blue to green and what not! There are many colour variations of roses you can use for your wedding decor. To think of it, there are more than three thousands of variations and they are much cheaper than you think. And also, there are not just colour variations but there are variations in size and shapes too! All you require to do is explore.

Calla Lilly

These are trumpet-shaped lilies originating from Africa. These have long, smooth stems, which also comes in a miniature form. They are available in yellow, mauve-pink, dark purple, orange, and creamy ivory. Creamy ivory has been deemed favourite by many. You can go for any colour you desire.


How would a beautiful woman who considers herself to be shy look like? Peony is such a lady flower! This flower had been cultivated in Asia and further enhanced in France. They are generally found in two varieties – the herbaceous and the tree peony. If you want a flower arrangement to be the centre of attraction, then go with peony. They typically bloom in summer and spring. These beautiful and elegant flowers have a big head to show their elegance and beauty with an empowering smell.

Sweet Pea

They are mostly found in a bride’s bouquet. They have distinctive candy smell and come in a variety of colours from light whites to intense purple and pinks. You can use this knowledge to add it to your wedding decor. Make the venue sweet smelling and good looking at the same time. They look elegant and sophisticated.


The best headgear for brides choosing to make a bun with their hair. But be gentle with it, as you might just bruise the petal with little force. Also, they have a strong, sweet smell. The more you keep it with you, the more mesmerising it smells. Gardenia can also be used as a centrepiece for the reception. They are mostly available in ivory colour.


A pretty and economical alternative to rose and peonies make it a hit. They are available in white, yellow, orange, and pink. In flower language, Ranunculus symbolises being besotted with your lover. It is ideal for bridal bouquets and other flower arrangements for your wedding reception decor. Would you like to send flowers to Australia online to your loved ones? Then contact Flowers & Petals at www.flowersandpetals.com.au to get the best variety of fresh flowers that you can deliver to them at their doorstep.


They do not dazzle you with their scent but with their beauty and colours. The acidity of the soil determines the colour of the blooming flower. It can go from pale pink to blue! All you need to do is choose. You can use these to add charm to your wedding reception.


How can we forget about these amazingly beautiful flowers? No, we haven’t and that is why we are specifying it. They symbolise happy years in marriage, wishing for love that stays forever. From pastels to bold and bright colours, they have quite a variety. Parrot tulips, Dutch tulips, and French tulips are known to be a popular choice. They can be used for both casual setting wedding and for more delicate decor setting.

These are the top flowers that you can choose from for your wedding reception. They are known to be the best choice among the masses and popularly known for its variety in colour and charm. Be it for your bouquet or for the interior decor, these flowers fit the bill. But that doesn’t mean you cannot send these flowers in a cute arrangement to your loved ones!  Flowers & Petals will deliver it to your loved ones diligently. If you wish to send flowers to Australia online from any part of the world.