7 tips to shop online smartly

Fill your cart and your pocket – 7 tips to shop online smartly


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This is how simple and quick online shopping is. But is it that simple? Shopping can be maddening. While shopping online, we lose the hold of time and with so much variety available, go overboard with our shopping bags. You obviously cannot bargain online, so how do you know that you are getting the right deal? The next time you sit down to shop online, the below tips are going to help you save a lot of bucks.

  1. Go for referrals: In layman language, a referral is given by an existing user of the online shopping app or website, referring you to join the application. And on joining, the existing user and you receive a bunch of points to avail on your next purchase. If you have downloaded a shopping app for the first time and are creating a new account, make sure to ask for referral codes from friends using the application already. The points can vary for each shopping app.
  • Get cashbacks: Various online shopping websites tie-up with banks and digital wallets, which offer cashbacks on making payment through them. These tie-ups are made to attract customers towards their website and of course, by banks and wallets to get more active account holders. Whenever shopping online, browse along the payments page to find cashback options. The cashbacks are credited to your account or digital wallet within 2-3 working days.
  • Join Facebook shoppers groups: We bet you are among the 2.23 billion Facebook users so why not put it to valuable use? You will find various online shopping site groups created by Facebook users like you who post any ongoing deals and discounts on the groups. You will also be notified about the upcoming sales on different websites, and what you should be buying and from where. Make sure to turn on the notifications for this group so you are the first to be notified whenever any group member posts any updates.
  • Check comparison websites: Before visiting any online shopping website, log on to the best price comparison websites like www.best-price.com. Sometimes after making the purchase, we realize that the same product was available at a much lower price on a different portal. Therefore, price comparison websites are great to avoid such disappointments. best-price.com range of products and easy interface allows you to find the best deals online. All you need to do is select your category, product, and you will find a long list of websites the product is available on. You don’t have to browse till the end, as the lowest priced website is mentioned on the top. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the shopping website.
  • Set sales alert: You can turn on notifications for the e-commerce websites, so whenever they are offering any hot deal, sale on specific products or flat rate on any brand then you will simply receive a notification on your phone. The stock during such sales is limited. With notifications turned on, you can get lucky.
  • Look for deals from different devices: You won’t believe but websites display different prices and deals on different devices. For instance, if you are shopping from a Mac computer system, you may see a higher price since Mac computers are towards the expensive shore. Access the website from windows, Android, and iOS to find the best deal.
  • Buy more but less often: Most of us go crazy while shopping online and pay shipping charges higher than the price of the product itself. Try to buy more items less often. Add items to your wish list, and wait until you have 4 to 5 products in the list, so you won’t have to pay any shipping charges. Plus, less packaging means helping the environment.

Aren’t these tips quick and super easy to follow? Comparing the prices is the best way to preserve mazuma whether shopping online or offline.You can compare prices of hundreds of products at one of the best price comparison sites – best-price.com. It is completely free of cost and the user-friendly interface makes browsing and buying convenient. Select from electronics, beauty, babies and kids products, garden products, entertainment, office essentials, health products, musical instruments, building and hardware, and even vehicle parts and accessories. Simply select the product and choose the lowest price bidding website.

Here is the link to https://www.pricerunner.com/. Happy and smart shopping to you!