How to find accessories for DSLR camera in the uae

11 Must-Have Accessories for a DSLR Camera

Did you purchase a brand new DSLR? Congratulations! For taking up photography professionally, you may require some accessories to go along with the camera. There will be no end to the number of overwhelming options of accessories you will be presented with. If you are evolving from someone taking up photography as a hobby to someone taking it up professionally then you may require different tripods, lenses, and many more things to get the perfect shot. Whereas, if you are a beginner then you need to have the following camera accessories with your first DSLR. You can find all these accessories from uaestore, which is the best online electronics store in the UAE.

  • Camera Bag:  A bag is very important to keep the camera and lens safe. While you are traveling or shooting outdoor, a bag will protect the camera from dust, rain or breaking. As you will build up your collection of accessories then carrying the camera will become easier with the bag. There are a variety of shoulder bags, briefcases and sling bags available specifically for DSLR Cameras.
  • Tripod Stand: You will be able to hold the camera at the right angle with the help of a tripod. If you are shooting videos or pictures of yourself and have no one to help then a tripod will be your best friend. It will keep the camera sturdy. Look for a camera that can extend to the eye level and also go down to the ground as well. Many photographers and bloggers are using the gorilla tripod stands. It can twist and turn, which lets you keep the camera in any position you want. The tripod should be light but sturdy.
  • Remote Release: This is remote device along with the camera. With the help of it, you will be able to close the shutter without touching the camera. Touching it, again and again, can shake the position it is set on. There are two types of remote release, one that comes with a cable and the other is wireless. With the wireless remote release, you will be able to work from a longer range.
  • Additional lenses: You will get a standard lens along with the DSLR camera. It will be great to start. But you will need other lenses to for different shoots. You will require a different lens to shoot landscapes or shooting in minimum lighting. You may also need a portrait lens that focuses on a single subject and blurs the background. Find high-quality camera accessories at affordable prices on uaestore, the leading online electronics store in the UAE.
  • Extra Batteries: You will need extra batteries when you will be traveling for shoots. These batteries will come very handy. The batteries do not last long, especially if you are shooting in cold temperatures. Therefore, buy a set of batteries, especially if you are traveling.
  • Lens Cleaning Kit: If you want to get good shots and increase the lens life then you need to keep it clean. The dust reduces the lens contrast, which results in out-of-focus cloudy images. Therefore, make sure to invest in a good lens cleaning kit to keep the front and back elements clean.
  • Lens Protection Filter: Make sure to get a lens protection filter along with the lens. These will protect the lens from any accidental damage and also it will be easier for you to clean them. Make sure to invest into high-quality filters as the low-quality ones can degrade the image quality.
  • External Flash: Using the inbuilt camera flash can make the pictures very dark, especially when you are shooting indoors. Professional photographers or anyone who has knowledge about photography use external flash. This helps shoot in the dark, without making the pictures harsh.
  • White Balance Cards: White balance refers to adjusting the colors according to the light source, so that white thing appears white in the picture. If you want the white balance to be perfect then purchase some white balance cards. These might not be essential for beginners, but the bloggers can use it to get perfect pictures.
  • Eye-Fi Card: Now this is something optional. This card can help upload pictures directly to the computer through the camera. This little card can save you from hours of tedious work.
  • Extra Memory Cards: You are clicking great pictures and the location and weather are perfect. That is when the memory card becomes full. Not pleasant, right? The memory cards are available easily online at Dubizar at a very pocket-friendly price.

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