Where is the best fashion ponchos store online in Bournemouth, UK?


Showers can become a fashion hurdle. You have so many OOTDs in mind but just cannot wear them because of the heavy downpour. But a few fixes here and there can make a difference to your whole look. Here, we have compiled for you street-style approved looks that will have you hoping for rains more often.

  1. Ponchos: Some ponchos can steal your fashion game but not the fashion ponchos online from the people’s poncho. These are versatile pieces that can save you from getting drenched and also make it look like you stepped out of Vogue. Made up of Japanese polyester, these are available in different colours, so you can pick the one that matches your personality. It also comes with a water-resistant pouch, adjustable hood, and stretch forehead panels, so you can save your precious hairstyle. You can wear this over your favourite top and the waterproofing rating of 12000 mm won’t let you drench.
  • Vibrant jackets: Vibrant colours look great during the monsoons. The weather is fresh and dewy and colours pop out and show. Pick up patterned jackets in red, blue, green, and purple and pair it up with waterproof material pants. You can put over a vibrant poncho to save yourself from the showers.
  • Blazer and flared jeans: This is a classic and a minimalistic look, which speaks volumes. You can add ankle boots so you get protection from the rain. Don’t forget to carry an all-black umbrella to give an extra edge to the outfit.
  • Trench coats: On drizzling days, a trench coat looks stunning. Go for a classic all-white look, put on a pair of loafers and add to it the game changer- the trench coat. It will look classic, elegant, sophisticated and will give all the monsoon vibes.
  • Cozy sweater: A cozy oversized sweater with pants gives you the warm feeling when the chilly winds are blowing. Carry a bright patterned umbrella and a cute cross body bag. This look is perfect for school going girls.
  • Pastels: Combat the rain with pretty and minimalistic pastel coats and dresses. Pastel colours bring out a very fresh look during the rains. You can even wear the blush pink or icy blue coloured poncho available on the people’s poncho. It will save you from the downpour while making your outfit look vivid.
  • Floral skirt and a jacket: Florals bring out a spirited and feminine look. A floral skirt will make you feel girly and dainty. Pair up the skirt with a basic t-shirt and a jacket. A pair of bright contrasting boots will give a pop of colour to the already stunning outfit.

Monsoon fashion is all about vibrant hues and minimalistic trends. The people’s poncho has got for you fashion ponchos online, which are going to save you from the rains and at the same time offer style. The collection has been divided into Poncho 1.0 and Poncho 2.0. They are made up of Japanese Polyester with a waterproof rating of 12000 mm, which works great even in extreme weather conditions. An adjustable peak hood, reflective straps, forehead panel, and a water-resistant zippered front pouch, make the ponchos even better. You can wear it while cycling, walking, travelling, camping, festivals, basically every time.

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