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All women here hear!

As we are moving forward in the 21st century, we are slowly breaking all gender norms and stereotypes, one thing at a time! You can choose to be who you want to be and wear what you like without being shamed for it. The world is slowly coming to a realization that the essence of being a woman doesn’t stop till femininity. Rather, it extends from it and happily converges with androgynous forms. Let there be no shame in loving feminine, masculine or androgynous styles. You can happily cherish each form in your clothing style and life. Pick and choose your character for the night and dance with it happily. Take pride in who you are and stride with confidence. Find exquisite, classy, and flirty prom dresses from Flares to suit your mood (also, under your budget!).

Suit up for the occasion and dress your best

Prom nights are special and it is a great time to mingle with the crowd and be courted by your admirers. Or it could be a great opportunity to court whom you admire (take charge ladies!). If not with your admirers, then you can have great fun with your bunch of friends and make it the time of your life! It’s one big party for youth to enjoy socializing. And for some, it is a great time for blossoming romance. You can dive in this magical time with the right attire. Luckily, you can find it here at Flares!

No more disappointments!

In your hunt for the perfect dress, you would be infatuated by the style, color, and material, but you could be disappointed by the price. But at Flares, we won’t settle unless you don’t find the perfect dress of your liking and also, under your budget! The best time of your lives shouldn’t cause you lifetime misery by shelling out an enormous amount of money. You can have a good time and look great within your budget, we promise!

                 We sell designer dreams in a budget

We handpick only the best of the best dresses, be it for prom, wedding or any formal event. We hunt the best designers and stock our shop with the exquisite collection. Now you know where to buy prom dresses in San Francisco! When strolling around this area, be sure to give our shop a visit. We are sure you would be love our collection. We will find you your best match for sure. We are confident in our selection and our drive to make ladies look and feel fantastic. Choosing to be oneself is always a confidence booster. Plus, there is no harm in some role play. If you want to look like a magnificent masterpiece, go on! If you want to look like a demure princess, cheers! If you want to look what you have always admired but never dared to be, this is the perfect opportunity to strike and astound people around you with your beauty. Find designers like Jovani, Sherri Hill, La Femme, Faviana, Scala, and Primavera. Dress your best and feel your best with our selection of designer clothes! Give your looks a boost with unique and upscale dresses. Find them all at Flares. You can also choose to shop online for them all! Shop from our collection online or give our shop a visit in San Francisco bay area! Now that you know where to buy prom dresses in San Francisco that would look great on you, do not hesitate to give our shop a visit. We’ll be glad to help you!

Empowering self through fashion

Not sure if it is going to suit you or not? You have experts by your sides who will be your fashionista best friends. And no best friend will guide you in the wrong direction or butter you with dishonest flattery. We would search for the best of the best in our collection and help you choose for yourself. In the end, it is you who should feel empowered! When a dress makes you feel that, you know it is your true match! Not only you get a genuine opinion from us, but expert advice too on how you can carry it off. We are always ready to help seekers of fashion with our services.

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