Look your best on your wedding day with our style tips

Your wedding day is approaching and you must be occupied with a variety of task in hand from budgeting everything to catering and décor. In midst of such chaos, don’t forget to take care of the most important person- You.

You must have gone through every wedding idea catalogs and tossed them around after finishing them. Now, you must be wanted to style yourself like the fashion models and celebrities in the magazine. These beauty inspirations are not easy to obtain, but also not hard to achieve given that you are determined to get it right. Styling weddings will give you beauty inspirations to take notes from!

So here we are with our style tips and guidelines to attain what you wish for!

Your diet

First things first, maybe you have decided to marry after 2 months or so and you feel like you will not fit into the wedding gown of your choice. If you feel out of shape, don’t shy away from maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. Gymming and Yoga are known to reduce fat and promotes good health. Pilates are good to strengthen your muscles. Add an efficient diet plan and you are all set on your way to prime fitness.

Don’t follow any random diet

Just because it is written all over the Internet that product A and product B will work on your body doesn’t mean that it is a hard fact truth. If you are lactose intolerant or are allergic to certain nuts, vegetables, and fruits, it is recommended that you consult with your dietician to make a diet plan specific to your body and health. Take beauty inspirations from celebrities but follow your dietician’s plan!

Selecting the wedding gown

The Internet provides us with a lot of choices to confuse us. And we, as humans, gravitate towards what looks good but maybe doesn’t fit us better. Do not fall for that trap. Go through the catalogs and pick styles, which you think will look nice on you. If you are not sure about your choice, always consult a stylist or a boutique for advice. You can have so many beauty inspirations from so many celebrities on the design of your gown.

Always buy something which will flatter your body shape 

There are many flattering gowns and dresses which will suit your body type. A pear shaped woman may not look good with something that is meant for apple shaped women. Body shapes matter and dressing according to your body shape will highlight your best features and will make you look gorgeous on your big day.

Try on different hairstyles

A month before the wedding is a good buffer for you to try on as many hairstyles (not haircuts) as you want so that you can discover your perfect hairstyle to sport on your wedding day. You can try extensions and hair coloring if you want, but try not to go too wild so that you don’t regret your decision. These beauty inspirations will help you get closer to your desire of looking the best on your wedding day

Styling weddings will always give you an expert advice so that you look your best and feel your best on your wedding day. We take a holistic approach towards beauty and make sure you are on the right track of transforming into a beautiful bride. Let these beauty inspirations inspire you to look your very best.