Everyday things we do that affect our peace of mind

We all talk about work-life balance but let’s be frank, how many percentage of people are actually able to lead a balanced life? Very few. Consider all the people you know and try observing who has balance in their lives. You will find a person or two maybe. Does that mean balance is unattainable? Definitely not. Then where is the problem? The problem is in our approach.

Things like balance, peace, happiness, success etc. does not rely on luck or external factors governing our lives but mostly on what we do on a day-to-day basis. What we fail to realize is that the peace is attained by practice. It’s a habit that you develop by leading a mindful lifestyle.

While there are a lot of things that one can do to practice mindful living, many of us fail to adopt those habits. We are consistent for a few days and then find motivation leaving us. So what’s the way out? The way out is not only to try again but most importantly, to stop with bad habits that you already have, which are stopping you from making the change.

Bad habits not necessarily mean drug addiction, anger, laziness etc. It can also be other things that before today would have gone completely unnoticed as something “normal”. You do not even realize that you have a habit of doing these things and how much they affect your peace of mind. Keep reading to know what habits we are talking about.

  1. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a major enemy of peace of mind. When you try to focus on two or more things, you end up focusing on nothing except switching from one task to another. It leads to lower quality of work, higher distraction levels, stress, poor memory, and last but not the least – your peace. When you multi-task, you are only under the delusion of completing work fast but the reality is far from it. Whatever you do, you should give your 100% focus to it.

  • Bottling up your emotions and thoughts inside

Yes, life is difficult to spend without money but life is nothing if there is no peace of mind. And that comes when you have clarity of thoughts and emotions. You start compromising with clarity when you don’t express your emotions or share your thoughts. You should always be open with your loved ones. If you feel that you lack a good company, you can also resort to diary writing or blogging. You can even consider visiting a psychologist if you feel persistent unrest due to your emotions or thoughts.

  • Going too long without a break

We have a tendency to keep ourselves busy. Being proactive is good but we need to remember that too much of any good thing can be a bad thing. We keep ourselves busy to this extent that busy hours turn to days, days to months, and months to years. You should always treat yourself with mini breaks and holiday breaks. Instead of traveling from one city to another, try taking a mindful holiday at a silent retreat. Visit www.h2oyogaandmeditation.com for the best silent retreat in Bali.

  • Always procrastinating your favorite hobbies

In the fight between work and hobbies, work always end up winning. We are barely able to take time for our own selves on daily basis. Remember that book you have been delaying to next day? Or you wanting to start yoga but always end up waking up late for work? Wanting to go to your favorite park for an evening stroll but got to complete house chores first? You need to stop giving reasons for delaying the things that you love. Even reading one page a day can help you incorporate your reading hobby slowly and steadily in your daily life. Start by taking mini steps towards hobbies that you love.

  • Being stuck in a place or work you don’t love

This is one of the major reasons why people worldwide are suffering from stress and tension and lacks peace of mind completely. Spending your 9 hours at a workplace where you don’t want to be, hanging out with people with whom you have a hard time relating to – all this tends to drain you of your mental and physical energy fast. It’s very important that you find yourself a job, a place to live, and people to hang out with – where there is a presence of a strong and healthy connection.

Silence is a very important part of our life. On an average, a person hardly gets few minutes of silent time on a regular day. We are always surrounded by noises of people, smartphones, media, traffic and what not. It’s time that you treat yourself with a silent retreat. The best way to start your journey towards attaining peace of mind is by treating yourself with a nice holiday amidst the beauty of nature and blissful silence. You can find this at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center – the best silent retreat in Bali.