Affordable hens night party packages in XXL The Club Sydney

Top Crazy Things to Do At Hens Parties

Girls just want to have fun and nothing says it better than crazy hens parties. We have all heard outrageous hens party stories from our girlfriends and if you’re a to-be bride then you should kick in the wedding celebrations with a wild night out with your girlfriends. Do you want to know how? Here are some insanely whack ideas to get the party started.

  1. Hitting the club with the girls: We cannot tell you how much fun you can have at the club. There is total privacy so you can go as crazy as you want. There is dancing, there is booze, and there are topless waiters. Wait, where? Topless waiters? Yes, girls. XXL The Club is known for its fanatical hens parties. With amazingly hot men stripteasing for your girlfriends and topless waiters bringing you drinks, we know how crazy the party can get. The fun-filled night consists of champagne on arrival, mind-blowing music, Sydney’s hottest male entertainers, and private booths for the guests and various other activities depending on the hens party packages in XXL The Club Sydney.  Not just this, you even get a fun and educational life drawing class in the XXL The Club’s exclusive…Shhh Room. We know that you’re excited. Visit the website right now to view the pictures from the previous parties held at XXL.
affordable hens night party packages in XXL The Club Sydney
  • Let the dares begin: Parties can’t get crazier without some fun dares. Get dare cards, which are available online or you can even use your naughty cells to create your own. Split the pack of cards between all the girls at the beginning of the party. Get the cards laminated so they survive spilled drinks and can be kept as a souvenir. Here are some scary and fun dare ideas to throw at your girls:
  • Do the shot without using your hands.
  • Get the stranger to buy you a drink.
  • Get a guy’s phone number.
  • Kiss a bald man’s head.
  • Feel a guy’s hairy chest (eww!)
  • Fake an orgasm.
  • Dance slowly on a fast song.
  • Make someone take a photo of you on their camera.
  • Dance on a table.
  • Take your bra off without removing the top.

All these are ideas are hilarious and you should definitely give them a go. Do you have more dare ideas? Get your naughty nerves working.

  • Ride on XXL Ferrari Italia 458: Girl, this night is not going to come back ever again. No matter how many girls nights happen but a bachelor party is going to be a feather in your cap of drunk nights. You got to party hard and make sure to arrive and leave the venue in style. And for that, you will need to hire the luxurious Ferrari Italia 458 so all the girls can hop in and have the ride of their life. You can click loads of selfies, drink, chat, and have your own pre-party before the actual fun begins. Since you all will be drinking so it is better to hire a chauffeur to drive you safe. You can call up XXL for Ferrari hiring enquiries.
affordable hens night party packages in XXL The Club Sydney

These are just some superb ideas from our side. You can unapologetically do whatever you want because hens parties are once in a lifetime. If you are looking for hens party packages in Sydney, then there isn’t any place better than XXL The Club. There is music, unlimited drinks, topless waiters, pole dancing, and life drawing classes, along with private 10-minute naughty shows. What else do you need for a crazy hens party? XXL is the only hens venue in Sydney that does not close down at 11- 12 A.M, so when the hens night ends, the after-party begins. You and your girlies don’t need to line up, or wait, or walk. Just one place and your celebration is sorted. Book from the 1 Starter Package, 2 Party Package or the unlimited package by visiting the website now

affordable hens night party packages in XXL The Club Sydney

Top activities that you need to do on your hens party at the club in Sydney

All right, you are getting married! You have bought a fairylike wedding gown, a beautiful veil, and the wedding venue is fantastic. All that aside, we want all the details about the hens party. We hope that it is happening at a rocking club and all the hens get to be naughty for that night.

So, what all activities have you planned for your hens party at the club in Sydney? Are you looking for some naughty and spicy ideas? Well, you have landed up at the most fun blog.

Male Revue Show: – No hens party is complete without a male revue show. The show heats up the atmosphere and leaves everyone feeling naughty and sexy. The stripper needs to be super entertaining and should turn the party upside down with his sexy moves. Just imagine, hot and ripped guys on stage dancing to the beats of electrifying music. Doing roleplays, changing costumes, and hot strip teasing for the bride and her hens. If you want your last night as a single lady to be the best one, make sure to get things hot and sweaty with a male revue show.

Pole Dancing: – Dancing is one thing and pole dancing is totally another world. It leaves you feeling sexy, beautiful, and empowering. Swinging across the pole with your girls, while the music is swaying in the background – it just gets better from here. The best part about a hens party is that you are surrounded by loving, gorgeous, and liberating women who just want to have fun. It is a no judgment zone. And pole dancing helps express themselves better.

Cocktail making classes :- Be a cocktail queen at your hens party and learn the art of shaking and mixing at the cocktail making class. You will experience making mojitos, cosmopolitans, and various other delights. The mixologists at the party will teach you and your girlfriends the art of making the perfect cocktail while you are dancing and having a great time. XXL The Club is one of the best hens night Party venues in Sydney where your special night becomes even amazing with the fun cocktail making classes. The luxurious and lavish setting, great music, crazy ambiance, and some of the hottest men of Sydney to entertain you – how can your bachelorette go wrong?

Naughty Games: – There is no fun without naughty hens party games. Here are some suggestions:

  • Naughty Molding :-   This one is very appropriate for a hens celebration. All you need for the game is some play-doh and a list of body parts that the girls need to try and mold the doh to its shape. How dirty and fun it gets is totally up to your imagination.
  • Marshmallow challenge :-   Now, this one is super fun and entertaining. All you need are a bunch of marshmallows. Each girl has to stuff her mouth with a good quantity of marshmallows and then try to say the chosen word. It gets hilarious when they are trying to say something but something totally different is coming out of the mouth.
  • Balloon Humping :-   It involves balloons and humping, so things are obviously going to go down the naughty hill. Just blow up a few balloons and divide the girls into teams of two. Now the girls need to burst the balloons in the most creative and fun way.
    There is no doubt that your hens party is going to be a super memorable, fun, and entertaining night with these ideas. Make sure to select a venue that caters to all your hens party needs and makes sure to make the night exciting and full of events.

XXL The Club is known for hosting the great hens night party in Sydney. They offer a private male revue show, pole dancing, cocktail making sessions, topless waiters, life drawing classes, and much more. The luxurious ambiance is a total steal deal, which will light up your night with chandeliers and Moroccan lanterns. Not to forget the blasting music, which won’t let you leave the dance floor.

Visit the website now for details to know more about their entertainment at this hens night venue packages in Sydney.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a nightclub for a girls’ night in Sydney

Organizing a girls’ night out is way complicated than organizing a boys night. You need to make safety your top priority and make decisions for the night accordingly. We are sure most of you would have visited a nightclub with your girls and made a few mistakes with the venue, timings, and your overall safety. We don’t want you to commit the same mistake twice and so here we have a guide on how you can select a nightclub for a girls’ night out and make it a fun and memorable time out with your girlfriends.

  • Make safety your priority:

When going out alone as a bunch of girls, it is very important to make the evening safe for everyone. Before deciding on a club, make sure to go through its website to find out more about the venue, the security, and timings. Definitely scroll through the gallery of the nightclub, which will help you identify the kind of crowd present there and how a night celebration goes on. You can even ring the club to know about their safety provisions for women. XXL The Club is known to be one of the best venues for holding a ladies night. They have special provisions for hens parties and top-notch security to keep you and your girlfriends safe. They are also one of the few nightclubs in Sydney that does not conclude at 11-12 pm, so you don’t have to line up, walk or change venues when the hen’s section of the party is over.

  • The ambiance:

 Going through the website of the club, you will be able to make out of the ambiance of the place. Now, since you are heading out with your bunch of girlfriends, you need to look for a club that offers group friendly seating. For instance, have a look at XXL The Club’s ambiance and venue. They have organized seating for any number of group so you all can comfortably enjoy together as a group, instead of you and the waiters dragging the chairs here and there. Some people prefer indoor seating while some prefer outdoor ambiance and XXL has both. The venue is beautifully designed taking care of the aesthetics and practicality. The lighting around isn’t too dark and not too gleaming – just perfect to have a great time with your buddies.

  • Packages:

Various nightclubs offer special party packages for group celebrations. These packages are pocket-friendly and you get various services from what you are paying. While going through the website, you can look for a separate section for special packages. The packages should usually include – champagne on arrival, male entertainers, topless waiters, private booths, DJ & MC, and Giveaway and Prizes. You can pay more to avail other special services. XXL The Club offers 3 packages for a ladies night, which consist of everything you could ask for along with free entry to the club in Sydney. For more details about the hens night party packages in Sydney, visit this link.

  • Special provisions/activities:

Now since you are heading for a girls’ night or maybe a hens party, you need to make sure that you are being entertained. Ladies nightclubs should offer entertainment options like pole dancing classes, private shows, hot male strippers dancing to the music, and topless waiters serving drinks to all the ladies. The music should be loud and groovy enough to even get your non-dancer friends dancing to the beat. When deciding on a club, you can head to the website to look at what special provisions they offer for a ladies night or you will have to shed extra from your pockets to hire a separate male entertainer.

Along with selecting a safe and great venue, you also need to ensure that you all are traveling safely. Hire a cab to drop and fetch you all from the venue. By the end of the night, you all are going to be tipsy, so it is better to hire a professional driver, so you all get to your homes safely. And don’t even think of leaving for a party without your I.D. because, without it, the whole evening can become a hassle. If you are looking for free entry clubs in Sydney for a girls’ night, then visit XXL The Club. They are one of the best hens party packages and girls night venues in Sydney. You are going to have a lot of fun from room to room as you make the most of the pole dancing classes, special life drawing classes in the Shhh..Room, and be entertained by topless waiters and the hottest male entertainers in Sydney. It is the only hen’s venue that does not conclude at 12 PM and the party goes on till 3 AM even after the hen’s celebration is over. You can visit the website to have a look at the special cocktail menu, full dinner menu, hens night party packages, and the amazing gallery. Head to the website straight from here .

How to throw the best bachelorette party for the bride to be

weddings are fun, but pre-wedding rituals add more wildness to the fun! It is the last day where the bride gets to enjoy her singlehood with her girl pals. Wedding is a beautiful union, but honoring the life that you are going to leave behind to form a family of your own is also necessary. And hence the bachelorette party! If you are the bride-to-be’s close friend who knows her very well and want only the best for her, then you should read on! Improve your plan with these tips and make this thing happen! All you will be leaving behind is some great memories to laugh and reminisce in the future.
You can make the bride’s bachelorette refreshing in the morning to tantalizing by the night. From shopping all day to dancing all night long, you can go for anything. XXL The Club has everything to entertain you and your ladies with their range of entertainment packages. They start by having fun classes to attend in the evening and starting off the night with some hot performances. They are the best hens night venues and party packages in Sydney.

Visit xxl the club to know more about their packages.

Here are the things you can do to plan your bachelorette carefully:

  • Ask the bride

It is going to be her day so you need to ask her how she wants to be treated first. She might have wishes of her own encompassing various requests and details. If she wants to dress in her sexiest bit, let her. If she wants to visit a place with the gang, make it come true. Ask for the bride’s opinion first and then plan everything around it.

  • Budget carefully

You might want to ask everyone and what is in their mind but it will create more chaos. Just go with what the bride would enjoy and add some more definition to it. Sometimes your budget might not cover everybody’s interest. However, it is important to inform and ask the other ladies when you plan on doing something risky, which might frighten someone in the group. Do inform about the activities to the other ladies even if you don’t want to inform the bride about the day’s plan.

  • Start your day with something more relaxing

If you and your girl gang get worn out by the end of the day and won’t have the energy to sustain the night, then it will all be ruined. Start with relaxing activities, which involves less physical activity and yet more fun. Spa treatment, playing games etc. can work as a stress buster and makes everyone feel pumped for later at night.

  • End your day with something more wild

Most of the bachelorette parties involve hot waiter and male strippers. So why miss out on the fun. If the bride is timid yet willing, then have it on! If your bride is conservative then tell her that she is going to be safe and everything will be under her control. Same goes for the other girls. XXL The Club has the best entertainment packages for the girls who love to party and wants to have fun all night. You can stay there till 3 AM and not worry about leaving the club early. Have fun till the dawn at the best hens night party packages in Sydney.

  • Prepare souvenirs and gift bags

You can prepare gift bags beforehand and give it away to the gang after the night is over. Souvenirs could also be memories enclosed in a frame and wrapped in a box, which you can gift the other day to honor the memories. Have thoughtful gifting and souvenir ideas that will make everyone who participated in the bachelorette activities remember the day gleefully.
These are the things that you need to think and consider while planning a bachelorette party for the bride. There are a lot more options open to keep the party going. And just in case you don’t want to hop every other place and rest your feet in one place and enjoy, come to XXL The Club. They throw the best bachelorette in Sydney. They guarantee a fun and wild night while keeping your safety at top priority. You can visit to know more about their entertainment packages at this hens night venue in Sydney.