top free do follow guest posting sites list in 2020

Guest blogging is not just about getting backlink. It is an opportunity to target new audience, increase traffic, grow your online audience and build relationships with other niche influencers.

Tips for More expeditious Guest Post Approbation

    Always contact a website for your guest post submission through a congruous electronic mail address. Each websites has multiple contact info for various purposes. You should find the correct address for connecting with them.

    Now find the content guidelines provided on that website.

    Send an electronic mail for the guest post submission including all the details which are mentioned in that content guidelines. If you don’t follow the injuctive authorization then the chances of abnegation of your submission are high.

    Include your past guest posting work that will increment confide in guest posting website owners. Always utilize a high ascendancy website where you have submitted content in the past.

    Provide your information like your designation, where you work and for which purport you optate to submit the article.

What are the advantages of Guest Posting?

Guest posting is one of the best off-page SEO activities than other activities to amend your website SEO ranking.

    You will get immensely colossal referral traffic to your website. If you have submitted content to a high ascendancy website then it will avail you to increment immensely colossal referral traffic. Withal, referral traffic plays a paramount role in ranking your website.

    Your website domain ascendancy will be incremented according to the guest blog submission work. You will get a link to your website that may be dofollow or nofollow. A nofollow link from a high ascendancy blog additionally plays the most immensely colossal role in SEO.

    Guest post submission will increment your brand name and audience online.

    It will avail you in building gregarious media presence when the submitted content will be shared on gregarious media.

    When you receive traffic from the guest content, you will withal find an incrementation in the electronic mail subscriber list.

Now you have the conception, how paramount guest posting is. So why are you waiting? Start inscribing content and submit it to the quality guest blogs.

Wait, do you ken the website where you are going to submit content will surely accept it? It may reject it in one second if you have not followed the guest post rules provided on their website.

Don’t worry. Keep tranquil. Bloghutupdate has provided a few tips here that will surely avail you in more expeditious approbation of your guest post submission.

Sports & Fitness Blogs

  1.| DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health
  2. | DA 55 | Topics: Sports
  3.| DA 50 | Topics: Sports
  4. | DA 48 | Topics: Culture, entertainment, sports
  5. | DA 44 | Topics: Sports
  6. | DA 39 | Topics: Health, travel, business
  7.  | DA 35 | Topics: Health, nutrition
  8. | DA 26 | Topics: Fitness, health
  9.| DA 9 | Topics: Sports, games
  10. | DA 14 | Topics: Meditation, yoga
  11. | DA 11 | Topics: Fitness


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Travel & Tourism Blogs

  1.| DA 69 | Topics: Travel
  2.  | DA 65 | Topics: Travel
  3.  | DA 63 | Topics: Travel
  4. | DA 58 | Topics: Travel
  5.| DA 52 | Topics: Travel
  6.| DA 44 | Topics: Travel
  7.   | DA 39 | Topics: Travel
  8.   | DA 12 | Topics: Travel, entertainment


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Health and Fitness

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SEO and Digital Marketing

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