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The Ultimate Guide to Elopement Wedding PhotographyTimeline

No elaborate guest list, no budget spreadsheet, and no clue what is going to happen next – what an exciting story to tell your grandkids! Planning an elopement wedding is no cake walk. It comes with its own challenges. Elopement wedding does not necessarily have to mean the two of you running away and getting married against the will of your family. It can also be an almost-elopement where you invite your family and friends just a few days or even a few hours before the wedding. One important part of weddings is photography and since you’re eloping, you’re wedding timeline is going to be pretty different. So, if you are thinking of making a run for it, we’ve put together a guide on your wedding day timeline photography.

  • Picking a photographer: Before anything begins, you will have to pick a photographer who is ready to shoot your elopement wedding. There are wedding photographers who shoot intimate and unique weddings with just the closest people around. Whether you are having the wedding in your backyard, under a waterfall in Iceland, or even at the Eiffel Tower – the photographer should be able to make the most out of the very basic preparations. SV Photograph is a team of husband and wife offering wedding photography in Vancouver Island. They travel hand-in-hand across the world capturing the celebration of love.
  • Preparations: The fun of elopement wedding is that no one but you know about all behind the scenes. You can make the elopement journey even fun by preserving the preparation moments. The preparations tell the day’s story, no matter how a big or small the ceremony is. Selecting the wedding attire, finding the place to take your vows or even telling your parents that you are getting married in another two hours- how can one miss these memorable shots? These photos will set the stage for the coming adventures.
  • Travel Time: Now elopement weddings can be of various types:
  • When you are getting married against the will of your family.
  • When you want just the two of you to be at the wedding.
  • When you inform your family and friends at the last moment.

If you are travelling together to the wedding venue then leave some time for the first look shot or shoot it before you leave for the venue.

  • Ceremony: The best part about the elopement wedding is that the process is not elaborate. The ceremony can be over in just 20 to 30 minutes. Since you have a smaller group of guests or no guests, the arrangements will also not be hard to manage. The photographer should use his creativity to make the most out of this simple setting. If possible, you can arrange the ceremony just an hour before sunset. The sunset/late evening light flatters the elopement atmosphere and is super romantic.
  • Couple’s photo session: You don’t have to go to a fancy wedding venue’s booking duration. Stay for as long as you want and take as many pictures as you’d like. The photographer also gets time to capture each and every emotion of the couple and they can be more creative, as there isn’t any pressure of time or the next event starting.
  • Celebrations: Post the ceremony, you can head with your little group to a nearby bar for the celebrations. The photographer will cover the champagne toasts and the fun dancing with your little gang. You can even have your first dance at the bar.

If you are someone who hates to plan then you will be glad to know that eloping does not require much of it. We one hundred percent recommend hiring a photographer to capture all the thrill, excitement, shock, awe, and love. The couple photographers are passionate about capturing your emotions for a lifetime. They have been working constantly to improve their style and how they can work towards curating the best wedding photos. They travel across the world for wedding, engagement, honeymoon, and elopement shoot.