10 questions to narrow down your search for a wedding photographer

Wedding photos are not just printed sheets of glazed paper. It is a beautiful memorial of one of the most important days of your life. The pictures should bring alive all the events of the day beautifully. A wedding photographer should be able to craft magic with his camera and capture every little detail because it matters to you. The photographer should be able to click pictures that are a reflection of the day and meshes well with the style of the couple. You’ll find below a list of questions that you need to ask your wedding photographer before narrowing down on one.

  • Can you click some specific shots that we want?

You found some wedding photograph inspirations on the Internet and you wish to imitate them and make them your own. You need to communicate this to your wedding photographer and possibly show them some samples. If the photographer does not seem to understand that it is significant to you, he or she won’t be able to do justice with it. But that does not mean you go overboard; listen to the photographer’s ideas as well and they will definitely know what would work and what wouldn’t. Discuss, discuss, and discuss more.

  • Are you comfortable with the events of the wedding day?

Having a clear timetable is important to ensure that all the events take place as you had run them in your mind. Communicate to your photographer when you need to shoot the bride and groom shots and other formal shoots. You would not want to miss capturing any moment and that can happen only if the photographer has prior information.

  • Do you have any suggestions for the wedding theme?

Some couples give extreme importance to a wedding theme and if you are one of those then you need to tell this to the wedding photographer. For instance, if you are thinking about a vintage theme, then you can ask for ideas from the photographer and how he will make the pictures a reflection of the theme.

  • How many weddings have you shot previously?

You only have one chance to get your wedding shot, so make sure you hire the best. Hire someone who has worked on quite a few weddings and has a hang of working under pressure. Also, ask the photographer to show you his previous shots, so you have a better idea of his work.

  • What all is included in the package?

It is important to know about what all services are included in the wedding package. Check whether prints, albums, proofs, as well as engagement pictures are covered in the package. Make sure to inquire the number of hours of coverage and the overtime charge.

  • Are you willing to travel?

If you are planning on a destination wedding then either you will have to hire a local photographer or someone who is willing to travel for the wedding. SV Photograph is a team of husband and wife photographers who specialize in wedding photography. They travel around the world to shoot weddings, honeymoons, and family holidays. You can hire SV Photograph for professional wedding photography in Vancouver Island, Bora Bora, USA, and Asia.

  • These days most of the photographers shoot a mix of color and black & white. You will get a hang of their style and what ultimately your album will look like.
  • How would you describe your photography style?

Ask about their photography style and whether it falls under the categories of photojournalism, traditional, formal, documentary or creative. While walking through their previous work, you will get a better understanding of their style.

  • How many photographers will cover the wedding?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your wedding. If you are having a small wedding then maximum two photographers will be sufficient. Whereas, if the wedding is going to be a grand affair then you are going to require additional shooters. Talk to your photographer about the wedding size and guest list.

  • How and when will I receive the proofs?

Ask about how long the photographer will take to send you the images. About three to four weeks is pretty decent. Also, find out if the pictures will be in a digital format or you will straightaway receive the album.

We hope the above 10 questions help you to decide on the best photographer for your wedding day.

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