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Dewatering is a crucial part before starting any construction. Excess water could obstruct the construction work and may even lead to foundation weakening. Draining out excess water makes sure that incidents like this do not happen. It not only just provides a solid foundation for your construction site but also saves your workers from any kind of work hazards. Dewatering creates drier and stable soils for site preparation ideal to start a construction project.

What is Dewatering?

Dewatering is the process of draining excess groundwater accumulated on an excavation site. It is an important step before the construction can begin as it creates stable excavation conditions, makes the soil strong to lay the foundation, and protects the workers from any harm. The water is removed using high air-handling capacity pumps and let out into wetlands, lakes, or other water bodies. There are many affordable pump rental services in Florida that provide the latest technology pumps for dewatering.

Benefits of Dewatering

Dewatering the construction process ensures that your project starts on time and goes on smoothly without any hold-ups. Major benefits of dewatering are:

  1. Stable Soil and Work Area

With the removal of excess water, many hazards like mudslides, unstable foundations, and equipment failure can be avoided. It also ensures that your worksite is safe for the workers and is in a condition ready for excavation.

  1.  Worker Safety

More often than not, standing water can end up being contaminated posing various health risks for the workers and even site managers. Dewatering makes sure the site is clean and safe to work on. It also eliminates worksite risks like slips and falls due to slippery tracks.

  1. Better time management

No one can predict natural adversities like floods or unexpected heavy downpours. These can seriously put you behind on the schedule. Without any effective dewatering strategy, it gets challenging to keep your construction project on schedule. Dewatering helps you to decrease the unnecessary delays helping you manage your time better.

  1. Safety of valuable equipment

Excess moisture can damage expensive construction equipment and building materials. It could lead to delays in the construction schedule and fluctuations in the budget. Effective dewatering strategies can help keep the worksite and the equipment safe from any damage.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Standing water is the breeding ground for many dangerous insects and mosquitoes. Additionally, standing water can cause erosion and make the job site unsafe. Dewatering could help deal with all these issues and make the construction site environmentally friendly.

Common Dewatering methods:

Many methods can be used to dewater a construction site. Some of the most common ones are:

Well point

It is one of the most common and cost-effective methods of dewatering which does the job well. In this method, many shallow wells are strategically placed at intervals covering the entire excavation site. These wells are connected through pipes that pump water towards the surface.

Deep wells

A deep well system is ideal for the sites where large water volumes need to be discharged. Wells are drilled very deep in the ground connected to submersible pumps in each shaft which helps in water drainage. 

Sock system

This system uses perforated pipes designed to fit the trenching machine. This method is perfect for working in extensive areas.

How to pick the perfect dewatering pump?

Choosing the perfect dewatering pump could be a little tricky if you don’t have extensive knowledge about them. Dewatering pumps are used in various departments like agriculture, construction, and more. Choosing the perfect dewatering pump depends on your needs. It also depends upon factors such as Pump size, flow rate, discharge head, waste/sludge removal, etc. Many contractors prefer renting pumps rather than buying expensive equipment as there are many affordable pump rental services in Tampa  Florida.

Here’s why Renting pump services could be a better option than buying:

– Access to the most advanced technology: Many affordable pump rental services in Tampa Florida provide the latest dewatering technology. Additionally, Many rental companies provide an expert technician to help get the job done.

– Fast access to the equipment: Many companies have pumps waiting to be rented out and you can have access to them readily and start the construction process without any delays.

-Cost-effective: Dewatering equipment is expensive and renting out could save those extra bucks which you can use on something else. Many affordable pump rental services in Tampa Florida give out the latest equipment at nominal prices.

-Decreased Labour budget: Renting dewatering equipment could visibly decrease your labor budget. Many affordable pump rental services in Tampa Florida provide experienced consultants who install and uninstall the machine on their own. 

In conclusion, Dewatering is an essential step before starting any excavation. If you decide to rent the equipment instead of buying it, check out some affordable pump rental services in Tampa Florida.