Why Are Pet Harnesses Better Than Collars?

Since you care so much about your furry pet, you don’t want to put them at risk of any injury by using a collar.

On the other hand, you need them to be well-behaved in public places and while walking.

We have the same feelings about the four-legged family members, and we know how perplexing the question of whether to use a harness or a collar can be.

We researched both of these extensively to help you find the best option to keep your furry friend safe.

Dog Harnesses Are Better

If you went to a dog park a decade ago, it would have been extremely unlikely to see even a single dog wearing a fully-packed vest harness. However, today these are present almost everywhere, especially in modern dog training schools, where the emphasis is placed on using more positive methods. 

And there are several reasons why modern dog trainers favor them over the confectional wholesale dog collars we were used to seeing in the past.

●      Safety

A collar for a dog is designed to fit snugly around the neck. It’s secured at one point and should hang loosely to avoid friction.

Slim-headed dogs may be able to escape from standard collars if they are not properly fitted. So, the leash could come loose at any time.

●      Comfort

A properly fitted collar will chafe or otherwise be uncomfortable, unlike the harnesses. Wearing a tie or a sweater with a close-fitting neckline all day is not the most pleasant experience. 

Having something strapped around a sensitive area of the body is likely mildly irritating to a dog. In addition to this, attaching a leash is likely to make the situation even worse.

●      Eases the Training Process

Many contemporary dog training focuses heavily on long-line dog training as the foundation for early obedience. It is a lengthy leash that can be seen dragging across the ground.

If the dog makes a decision you don’t want them to be rewarded for, you won’t pick it up and give it to them. The majority of the time, it is being followed closely behind them.

Most importantly, they are unaware of the leash or its potential to prevent the undesirable consequences of their actions. But, if you attach this leash to the collar, it will probably trail in front of their front legs, which increases the risk of them tripping over it.

●      Convenience

A dog harness can perform all the necessary tasks you would expect a collar to do.

You can use it to attach your dog’s identification tag to it so that there are all the important details on its side. Also, you can attach a leash to it to take your pet with you when you go to the dog park. But unlike other dog supplies, this one goes well beyond merely meeting the fundamental requirements.

In The End

The safer option is a dog harness. They are safer because they are less likely to result in a neck injury like a collar can, and they direct pressure across a larger surface area of the dog’s body. The best part is that even if your dog pulls when using a harness, it doesn’t pose any extra risk to their well-being. If you want to keep your pet close by you or let him play outside freely, then you should invest in an elegant dog harness.