Why 2021 is the Year for Video Marketing & Freelance Video Editors or Animators?

In the present scenario the global marketing hub is very popular with various types of advertising and promotion. There are a lot of freelance graphic designer and freelance video editor jobs in trend. Moreover, the trend of advertising is getting huge change day by day. Freelance creative designers and freelance animators are helping the brands to extend their growth with creative social media posts and video ads. People from around the world are more likely to buy from a brand if it offers them exciting experiences and impressions. Video marketing is one of the top Marketing strategies to gain numerous customers. It allows the brands to make good connections with their customers with unique graphics and animation videos. According to a large number of survey’s from the last few years, it is clear that 2021 will be the year of video marketing & freelance video editors or animators who will get huge rewards too.

But Why?
Without any doubt, it is found that video marketing creative eye catchy social media posts are one of the most powerful tools for boosting the business. It builds the emotional interactions between the users and companies because good art always speaks a lot. Lots of companies all over the world use digital graphic design, explainers, vlogs, & animated videos to promote their products & services creatively. They use simple graphic and clear video methods to educate their customers about how to use them. It always helps to increase brand awareness. A video and animation motion ad are outstanding tools for communicating. The motion and design always catches an eye and the user’s attention that motivates them to continue listening. However, you can use your brand identity elements in the animation, graphic design, social media posts, commercial & explainer videos. 

Freelance Best Profile – 

My name is Surinder Singh. I am a freelance graphic designer & video composer. I’ve designed over 1000+ social media posts and created 50+ commercial advertising videos, promos & animation ads for various companies all around the world to promote their product and services. I work with companies closely to build and enhance their brands productivity with my creative work. I am simple, straightforward, efficient. Don’t just take my word for it. You can see my work what i’ve done for my clients – 


It is important that the message of a brand product through video animation or graphic design work should be in a very clear way that will be remembered by the customer.

I will study your services, your style – and out of that comes a great post or video that offers customers exciting experiences and impressions from your company. Undoubtedly, it will help you to gain numerous customers from social media platforms because these kinds of strategies always help to increase brand awareness.

If you’re up for it, I would love to schedule a quick call with you and like to get your opinion on how I can make your services better with eye catchy designs and promotional videos.