What does it mean to be healthy?

One of the cores of leading a happy and fulfilling life is to have a good health. Yet, we always manage to compromise our health for our desires, work, cravings, relationships, and what not. Even before we speak of external factors like environment, pollution, and the likes, there are many self-induced habits and choices that are affecting our health.

If you’ll observe, you’ll come to realise that we all try to attain a healthy lifestyle without even first understanding what does it truly mean to be healthy. If we all have the right target in mind, we would be able to work towards it more effectively and reach to it much faster. Let’s start by defining what is health. In 1948, World Health Organization defined health as –

“Health is a state of consummate physical, phrenic and convivial salubrity and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

You can also put it up in this way – Health, like money, food, water, is a resource. Just like you need a good bank balance to live a successful life, you need a good health to be able to live your life to full. So how to maintain a good health balance?

  1. Being healthy means attaining a balance between physical and mental health

The absence of physical or mental health below a certain point is not good. In fact, it is quite difficult to attain one without having sufficient presence of another. Try to consider it with this example – If a person is depressed, he loses his appetite and with time, he ends up losing weight too. All this makes him more prone to catching an illness. Also, you must be familiar that people are able to see a certain glow on other people’s faces when they find them to be genuinely happy. This proves the interconnection between physical and mental health.

For having a good balance between physical and mental health, you should –

  • have a healthy diet filled with vegetables and fruits.
  • exercise every morning.
  • have a healthy relationship with your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • enjoy life and have a positive approach.
  • be able to recover from any kind of bad experiences.
  • Being healthy means having a proactive approach

What many people don’t know is that being healthy does not only mean having a low rate of getting diseases but to also go for regular screening. If people around the world adopted this habit, the death rate due to cancer, tumor and other chronic diseases can be decreased to a great amount. Going for regular screening can help in detecting illness at an early stage and treating it before it reaches the chronic stage. So, you should never avoid any uncommon symptoms in your health and should also go for scheduled health checkups.

  • Being healthy means willingness to take that extra mile

We have a tendency to look into health matters only when we end up with a problem. We only feel the need to be slim and fit when we see that we have gained a potbelly.  Looking into health matters only when we see symptoms of a problem is not the right approach. Being healthy is to always look into health matters. To eat healthy, to exercise always, to practise safe sex etc. You can also take immune support supplements to ensure a healthy lifestyle. For best natural and healthy living products,

  • Being healthy means maintaining the health of the environment around you

There are many external factors in your environment that are important for your health. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the people you hang around with, and a lot more. You should always try your level best to improve the health of the environment around you. Plant trees, buy organic food, hang out with people who bring the best out of you.

For instance, many times, we find people complaining about how unhealthy their work environment is. However, they don’t take any action. What they don’t realise is an unhealthy office environment can eventually affect their mental and thereby physical health too. So, you should take the necessary actions to improve your work environment.

Being healthy is a choice and you need to consciously make this choice and work hard to transform it into a lifestyle habit. Suaway brings to you organic and natural immune support supplements, vitamins, mineral, and other healthy living products to help you be at your optimal health level.