What Can Outside in-house Counsel Do for Your small Business?

Let’s Walk Hand in Hand to Make your Business Thrive! 

Thinking of a business idea and making it a reality are entirely different. Small businesses, who just started, have a long way to go to rule the game. Witnessing challenges is a part of the process but, to what extent? You have already gone through different legal proceedings, including categorizing business, registering the business, ensuring to get all the permits and licenses. Being a small business in Atlanta, you can witness issues beyond it. It can include:

  • Employment Law

For every business, small or large, employees play an essential part. Not just in making it thrive, but through other aspects as well. You must be aware that employment rules are stringent in Georgia. Situations such as discrimination cases, sexual harassment, or the ones related to overtime can get an entrepreneur into trouble. You have to be precautious about the way you conduct your business. You definitely do not want to get into any trouble because of the employees in your business. 

  • Taxes

Being an entrepreneur, you want success to be knocking at your door and not the IRS. That makes it crucial that every business, irrespective of its size, should be fully updated with tax laws and adhere to them. Otherwise, they may have to face issues somewhere or the other. As an attorney for a small business, Legal Muse can be banked upon for any situation like this. 

  • Government Rules

Either as an individual or a business, it is necessary for you to follow the government regulations. If by any chance, you fail to do that, it can attract legal or financial issues. Legal complaints can also result due to disputes related to contracts. Irrespective of what services you provide, you need to have business agreements that can define your business relationship with any parties you deal with. 

  • Fraud Cases

Every business needs to be sure that its practices are within lawful boundaries. Fraud lawsuits can occur through any form of intentionally performed dishonest acts. Acts such as making improper use of any confidential information with a purpose to get an edge over your competition come under it. It is alright if you do not have detailed knowledge about the legality of your business. In such situations, you can get in touch with an attorney specializing in small businesses. 

  • Intellectual Property

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, trademarks, patented products, and copyrights can also be reasons for a business to fall into a lawsuit. It can happen if this intellectual property is brought into use without the permission of the owner. In fact, a logo only can get you into trouble. It can hold you responsible for the theft of intellectual property. That is why you need to check it twice before putting any of them into use for your enterprise. 

Where Does Legal Muse Come in the Frame? 

Like said earlier, a small business has a long way to go, and getting obstacles in between is not uncommon. In fact, that is where Legal Muse can come into your defense. First of all, you can have a small business lawyer who can represent you in different situations. It can include anything from incorporation, employment agreements, preparation of the contract, debt collection, and review and analysis of lease. Being your attorney, I can extend professional advice on the laws and regulations of business. You started wholly solely with a business idea, which has now actualized into an enterprise. Now, Legal Muse wants to be by your side as your legal face in the rest of the journey of becoming a thriving business. So, can we join hands now?

Legal Muse takes pride in offering ongoing retainer packages for current clients, providing fractional in-house counsel.

What is fractional in-house counsel?

Every organization can have different goals, plans, and targets to focus on. However, legal needs, both regular and diverse, are common for all. Employment Issues, commercial real estate, intellectual property, and litigation, nothing can be left unseen. Now, when a business is at its initial stage of establishment, its focus can be on a wide range of functions. Finances, marketing, human resources, many of them have to be taken care of. At the same time, you also have to focus on expanding the amount of money you are making. Targeting at least seven to eight figures is a must. Since every function is essential here, you need to look for an alternative for your legal needs, which can accomplish your requirements without making you spend a big buck.

Reaching a fractional model can simplify for you to work with a qualified lawyer on a half-time basis. Being a business owner, you can get legal help as and when needed and include legal fees into the budget easily. 

In many situations, some organizations may not have the need for full-time in-house counsel. If this is the case with you, fractional in-house counsel can provide an opportunity to hire a continuing member of your team to serve as legal counsel on call. This person will already know your products and people, risk tolerances, and other important information, so no annoying period of getting someone new up to speed at a high hourly rate. 

Do you have a tricky negotiation with a key client? Are you in need of advice on a new product, opportunity, partnership, or strategic deal structuring? Or, are you facing an urgent data breach, threat of litigation, rights infringement, or other matter? 

Skip the additional cost and frustration of getting a new attorney up to speed; choose fractional in-house counsel and have legal support ready to jump into action immediately when you need it, without the high hourly billable rate.

By now, you have become aware of the need of having flexible, fractional in-house counsel. Now, let’s find out why you should choose Legal Muse for that!

Legal Muse offers flexible, fractional in-house counsel.

With us, you can get: 

  • As low as 5 hours per month, up to 80 hours per month
  • No contracted commitment period
  • Rollover unused hours to the next month