Various Types of Electricians Services in Houston TX

The electricians are skilled and licensed craftsmen who are responsible for the repair, maintenance, and installation of the electric systems. There are different types of electricians in Houston who are equipped with different expertise and specialization. We have discussed various types of electricians below.

  • Commercial electrician

These electricians work on the construction site and repair the mechanical systems. Most of the commercial electricians need to perform installation work that can involve security systems, heaters, and electronic key systems. They also help in upgrading the systems in case of any faulty wiring cases. The commercial electrician needs to work under the master electrician to get the license. 

  • Master Electricians

They are highly-skilled electricians who play the role of supervisor or perform their own contract business. They require seven years of experience as an electrician or also can have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. In addition to the installation, repair, and maintenance of the electrical systems, they should also have some managerial skills. They also are the ones who can design the lighting of theatres and malls.  

  • Residential electricians

The residential electricians in Houston perform their work in the houses and apartments. They also install landscape lighting. Their training occurs in the form of classrooms with an apprenticeship that involves at least four years working under the supervision of the experienced electrician. 

  • Journeymen Electricians

These electricians deal with mechanics connections, installations of lighting, providing power supplies, repairing the safety and communications systems in both residences as well as the commercial buildings. A journeyman electrician may also operate on overhead lines. They also need to complete the apprenticeship program; they can take up the course the journeyman. They can work with electrical wires or fixtures, but cannot design the electrical system of a building.

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