Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly. Through this platform, you can increase visibility on your website or you can increase organic traffic by performing SEO. You can also create your brand through social media presence. These parts and many others are continuously changing in this competitive world. Digital marketing teams are constantly being challenged by new technologies, techniques, and algorithms from Google and Facebook. 

Digital marketing trends are changing continuously. Several trends will emerge in 2022 that you can’t ignore, through which you can give your clients the best possible results and be on top of the marketing world. Let’s discuss these trends to be the first mover. 

AI’s in the market    

Google says that by 2022, cookies will no longer be used to detect and study the audience’s activities. Through this statement many marketers are in strain, that is how they will track their audiences’ activities. No need to take Stress if you are aware of AI trends.

With the advancement of AI technology, new capabilities are emerging, such as being able to predict what customers will want next, as opposed to automating tasks and campaigns. An article titled “We are Anmet” shows that 76% of companies have implemented these tools and achieved a return on investment within one year. It has the ability to detect data more quickly than humans. 

Short-Video Trends 

This will be a great trend in digital marketing this year. Youtube, Instagram has launched this feature that is gaining interest. Similar to television commercials, these are ad videos that are 30 seconds long and contain a lot of creativity and brand sponsorship.

This will prove the best trend of digital marketing in 2022. You must go with this trend to improve your brand visibility and brand awareness as now customers are demanding more than simple information that marketers provide. 

Voice Search     

You can ask your trusted Google, Siri, or whatever you choose to do a voice search to find any information you want. 

It is the simplest thing to do and it makes our life easier. 

The forecast suggests that in 2022, people will demand more of this type of feature. According to PWC, voice searches currently represent 20% of total Google searches, and 60% of clients aged 25 to 64 are already using voice devices and plan to do so more frequently. 

You must provide this service to your users as they will enjoy this feature.


By creating advertising that is tailored to your target audience, you are more likely to see good results than if you provide long, generic content. Here personalization comes, in 2022  marketers will follow this trend to reach more customers.

Creating personalized demographics based on the content you offer can be done if you are willing to spend some time understanding your customers. As a result, you’ll ensure that your message reaches the right audience, thereby making your ads more successful and increasing customer loyalty.

Video creation other than the content 

Today, customers like to watch videos more than content. Reading will not be the optimal decision as it will not stay in the minds of audiences. Video will work best here as it contains various images, symbols, and other things which attract the customers and they will remember the brand. 

There is a rise in the visual content on TikTok, Instagram, and youtube. According to an article people like more visual content than reading content. So, to increase your brand visibility, you must follow this trend in 2022. 

Take your business towards Non-profit 

People now are more aware of social issues. Because of this, they want companies to take steps towards these problems and work on them. According to a report in 2018, 62% of customers care about social issues and this will keep on increasing in 2022 also. 

If you want to increase your customers, you must take advantage of this trend. Your business will rise when you raise awareness of social issues, and more people will become familiar with you as well. Your marketing plan must include strategies that illustrate your support and action toward the social issues, it could be donation or you can take steps for covid.  

It is all about digital marketing trends that can make your business memorable for your customers. These trends are hard to ignore. If you want to be in the competitive market, you have to follow these trends. This year will be great as it has many new advancements in technology from AI to video creation. The best way to grow your business in the new year is to change with the times. Taking steps to implement new strategies should be your priority as a business. So, just go with these trends and rock in the digital world.