Top 5 Reasons to study abroad in France

Top Reasons That Make France the Best Country to Study At

There are no two opinions as to why France is loved by international students. The country not only has a great academic reputation but the rich history, beautiful sights, and cosmopolitan way of life make living in France worthwhile. Thousands of international students migrate to France each year in search of quality higher education and no wonder Paris has been voted as the number 1 student cities in the world.

What are your plans for higher education? Are you looking for opportunities abroad? Here we have top 5 reasons why you should study abroad in France.

  1. Quality Education: Let’s begin with the most important and obvious one. The French are extremely particular about higher education and invest extensively in research and development. This is the reason French universities are always at the top of global rankings. If you optate to check which university and course you should go for, you can visit free search engine contains all you need to know about studying abroad – from the top ranking universities, course fee to the living costs and additional information about the courses. French business schools are known for their competitive outlook and innovative environment for young entrepreneurs. Not just for the MBAs but French institutions are highly regarded for arts and humanities courses.
  • The culture: There is no place like France to experience culture at its best. There are a bunch of new things to try each day that you can never be bored of staying away from home. Read some classic French literature in an old bookshop or go wine tasting with friends in French Riviera. The art galleries across France are surely going to make your days off from the classes wonderful. The great thing about France is that the traditional and contemporary culture are running parallel and this amalgam makes living there a one of a kind experience. The French cuisine and the exciting evenings are going to steal your hearts.
  • Learning French: Did you know that French is spoken in all five continents and is the official language of various states? This language has 274 million speakers across the globe. It is the language of love, diplomacy, and style. Studying in France is the perfect opportunity to master the world’s fifth most spoken language. Speaking French is like singing. The beautiful words, the way of speaking, and the sophistication the language comes with will immerse you in it. You will love ordering food in French, listening to people talk, and watching French shows and movies. If you are planning to study in France then we would recommend joining French classes, so you get a hang of the language and become fluent when you land there. A new language always shines brightly on the resume.
  • Education Affordable: We know France sounds fancy and costly but it is not. The cost of higher education in France is reasonable when compared to other popular studying destinations. There are a wealth of scholarships available for international students, which make studying in France relatively affordable even for students on a low budget. You can apply for government scholarships like :
  • The Eiffel Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
  • Lle-de- France Masters Scholarships
  • Central Nantes
  • HEC Paris

You can research on the Internet to know more about the various provisions made by the government for international students.

  • Exploring Europe: People dream of living in Europe and you are getting an opportunity to stay and study in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There is so much you can explore in Europe. Paris, being one of the most popular tourist destinations, is known for its buildings and monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and many more. You will be immersed in the delicious cheeses, bread, patisserie, and the French wines. Paris is also known for its markets filled with fine food, antiques, and souvenirs to take back home. Apart from Paris, you can set out to explore London, Prague, Rome, and Barcelona during vacations.  

We bet no student can resist studying in France. But before applying, make sure to do thorough research on the Internet about studying in France. One very useful search engine is You won’t have to toggle between multiple tabs, as this fully comprehensive search engine contains everything you need to know about studying abroad. contains a complete list of universities, schools, and colleges that offer programs you are interested in. Once you have found your ideal course you can directly contact the university without interference from any middlemen. And the best part is that is completely free! You can also find here the requirements you need to fulfill, the deadlines, course fee, and living costs along with other useful information.