The forex market on average accounts for more than $4 trillion every day. Due to such figures, it’s the world’s largest financial market. You must know that there isn’t any central marketplace for foreign exchange market so you must choose a forex broker to get assistance for trading. The market has abundant of forex brokers but you cautiously need to go through an overwhelming number of magazines and online advertisements. Reading ahead you will get to know how you must choose a good forex broker in today’s competitive forex marketplace.

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  • REGULATIONS AND SECURITY – The most consequential characteristic is that the broker must have a high caliber of security. After all, you won’t be giving thousands of dollars to someone who simply claims he’s legit, right? You must know, it’s not very hard to check the credibility of a forex broker. Regulatory authorities do their best to filter trustworthy brokers from the fraudulent ones. Following are some regulatory authorities country wise:

United States – National Futures Association and Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Switzerland – Swiss Federal Banking Commission

Australia – Australian Securities and Investment Commission

United Kingdom – Best Financial Conduct jurisdiction and Prudential act Authority

Canada and France – Autorite des Marches Financiers

  • DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS – perfect forex brokers enable you to deposited and pull out funds hassle-free. They really don’t have any reason to make it difficult to withdraw profits as they only hold your funds to facilitate trading. Your broker should make sure the withdrawal process is convenient and fast.
  • PLATFORM FOR TRADING – In case of online forex trading, almost all trading activities are facilitated through broker’s trading platform. Your broker’s trading platform must be stable and easy to use. When searching for a trader, check what its trading platform offers. There are software, which offers free news feed. Usage of technical and charting tools has become very convenient for all users. Such software must offer almost all the information to trade properly.
  • CUSTOMER CARE – Broker must be easily available in all trading situations. You may require calling him anytime when a problem arises. Broker’s dealing with the account and technical aspects must be as perfect as his trading skills. Brokers will be very kind during opening an account but they may be exactly opposite regarding their after sales support. Good customer service by a broker reflects its professionalism to his accounts.
  • TRANSACTION COSTS – You always have to incur transaction costs for all types of currencies. When you enter a trade, you are required to pay commission so it’s wise to choose an affordable broker. Sometimes, you may need to sacrifice low transactions due to broker’s reliability. In the nutshell, it’s about finding the adequate balance between security and low transaction costs.
  • SKILLED TRADING – It’s always important that your trader provides your orders at the best price. The broker must be aware of suitable market conditions i.e. when to sell and when to buy.  Even the pace at which your orders get executed is very important, especially, in case you are a scalper.

Such tips would definitely help you to filter the most suitable forex brokers from such a dense jungle.

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