New to the game of golf? Enhance your skill quickly with a perfect golf driver

No matter for how long you are playing golf, you will need a perfect golf driver to achieve your desired stroke. The biggest and most expensive golf club which is in your bag, the driver has to be treated with the utmost care. The golf drivers are treated as the most important pieces of equipment that you need to play the game.

Only the best golf drivers will let you hit the ball over 300 yards in the just first attempt. However, all the golf drivers carry some specific attributes which should be taken into consideration while choosing the golf club. To arrive at your best driver, you need to remember some simple tips.

Choose the best club driver by considering the following factors

  1. The size of the driver

When choosing the best golf drivers, you need to pick the golf driver with the right size. For better control of your movement, go for the standard size club head. Besides, with the standard size, you will get faster swings and a smaller sweet spot. Generally, this measures around 150 cubic centimeters to 155 cubic centimeters. The mid-size golf head will be around 155 and 250 cubic centimeters. The driver with an oversized clubhead comes with a bigger sweet spot but quite difficult to control.

  • The material of the golf drivers

The best golf drivers can also be categorized according to the material used in it. For example:

  • Alloy golf driver:

It comes with stainless steel material. You can get golf head made of graphite and Ti alloy. It helps you to hit the ball into the first course.

  • Stainless steel drivers:

These golf drivers have hard and strong golf heads. With compact heads, these are quite heavier than the titanium drivers. 3.   

  • Titanium driver:

These golf drivers are developed using titanium heads and shafts. However, these are not for those who have a low budget as these drivers are costly. Its lightweight feature, perfect sweet spots, and heads have made it costly among all types of a golf driver.

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  • Flex

Before buying the golf driver, check the amount of bend in the shaft. Then bend of the golf driver must match with the swing. A high-level bent will lead to powerful or longer shots. For the beginners, the more flexible shaft will be the best option. On the other side, the materials used in shafts also matters. You can choose the graphite material model which is lighter or you can go for the steel shafts which are durable.

  • The angle of golf head

While buying the best golf drivers, you need to consider the loft or the measure of the club head’s angle. A club head with perfect angle will offer you great control over the drivers but you will be able to cover less distance. Different golf drivers come with different centers of gravity.

Remember that, you can only be able to enhance your golf gameplay style if you have the best golf drivers. Make sure you know what fits your requirement and go for it.

Use the best quality golf grips to take your desired shot

Monark Golf has been providing beast quality golf club components, golf club drivers, cheap golf clubs and more at a discounted price. When it comes to playing the best shot, you will need a perfect putter grip for your golf club.

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Monark Golf provides you quality golf club grips at reasonable prices so that you can play your best shot comfortable. Every golf player holds the golf club differently, but the grip will determine how far the shot will go. While choosing the grips for your golf club, there are some attributes that you must consider to get the best one. These are:

  1. Better control

For a perfect swing, you will need better control of the golf club. There are a lot of putter grips for numerous climates. Wetter environment condition requires a corded grip. On the other side in humid conditions, you will need a rubber club grip to repel oil and moisture.

  • Durability

Many golf grips available in the market are prone to decomposition. That’s why you purchase more golf grips. Choose the grips which are made to last longer. The putter grips with higher quality rubber allow the grips to work for a long period.

  • Perfect level of consistency:

The golf players use best quality grips for this reason. Consistency is something that can make the difference between first and second place. Choose the grip through which you can get the best grip on every swing.

Your golf-kit is incomplete without a perfect golf club grip. This is something that keeps the competition at the top level.

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