Know which flowers will go well as a gift for the occasion

Flowers are beautiful. They signify the beauty of life. When a butterfly, bird, bees or other creatures accidentally pollinate plants and take part in nature’s sly plan of recreation, flowers bloom to show victory. Also, in various parts of the worlds, flowers have a meaning to it. Even the number of flowers you gift to someone also signifies something, which varies from culture to culture. Giving the wrong number of flowers and the wrong flower for the occasion might upset the receiver. They might forgive you for the innocence but it is better to be safe than sorry.

So here we are with an article to explain which flowers go well with what occasion. Also, we are more interested to dwell in the meaning of the most popular choices from around the world. Why do we gift roses? Why the orchids? Also, some flowers can be given on multiple occasions. Some flowers have variations in them, which is suited for the different occasion. We shall make it a little easier for you here and give a summary of it later. But if you are in a hurry and want to make a flower delivery in Sydney, contact Flowers & Petals for a mesmerising combination. Visit to place an order.

Here are the things you need to know about flowers:


Having the origins from Netherland and being the favourite flowers of Spring season, Tulips are widely known in the world for its elegance. And this is why they symbolise beauty and grace. From the declaration of love to forgiveness, the colour variations determine the purpose.

  • Pink –Care
  • Purple –Royalty
  • Yellow –Hopelessly in love/ incurable romantic
  • Red –Deep love
  • White –Forgiveness
  • Violet –Faithfulness
  • Zinnia Tulips –Friendship
  • Wisteria Tulips –dedicated
  • Yarrow Tulips –Good health


What could rose not define? From timeless beauty to pain, the rose has had symbolic meaning for centuries. Different colour variations speak for the purpose of the rose. From marriages to funerals, rose can share the depth of your emotions to the receiver. And there are more than a hundred variations of rose. Rose does add dramatic flair to the emotions behind the gesture. We are going to share a few correlations of colours with meaning.

  • Bright Red –Romantic Love
  • Deep Red –Sorrow/ Deeper passion
  • Yellow –Friendship
  • White –New beginning, purity, chastity
  • Pink –Admiration and gratitude
  • Orange –Positivity
  • Green –Harmony, fertility, good health
  • Black –Death


Carnation has an interesting history and is mostly associated with flowers that are offered to God or originate from their presence. Carnation is a womanly flower, mostly symbolising feminine affection and care. If you are looking for fresh flower delivery in Sydney then visit  Different colours symbolises different things in carnation variation:

  • Pink –mother’s love
  • White –Luck, purity
  • Purple –Unpredictability
  • Stripped/yellow –Regret, denial, rejection
  • Green –Reserved for St. Patrick’s day


Orchids symbolise for fertility and affection. These are mostly given out to couples. Orchids personify charm, maturity, grace, and femininity. Pink orchids are gifted for a couple’s 14th anniversary as a symbol of affection and purity.


Lilies represent chastity, purity, and virginal grace. They are a popular choice for bridal bouquets and also as Easter offering to represent Mother Mary. Orange lilies signify passion and yellow lilies signify sweetness. There is one more variation of lily called Calla lilies. They also come in their own variation signify different things. They look a little different than your regular lilies. Their coloured variations are often small. Here is what Calla Lilies signify:

  • White –Innocence and purity (can be used for both weddings and funerals)
  • Pink –Elegance, appreciation, passion, and admiration.
  • Purple –Royalty


A simplistic flower symbolising happy and simplistic intentions. These are great as a housewarming gift or wishing someone good health. Daisies represent love, loyalty, innocence and new beginnings.

A small guide to gifting the right flowers


1st –Daisy             10th –Daffodil     15th -Rose            20th –Aster          25th –Iris               30th –Lily

Avoid giving yellow variations of these flowers as yellow signifies with disappointment or regret.

First date

Tulips, Orchids, and Dandelions


Chrysanthemums, Rose. and Lilies

Get them in Blue, green or white colour. Avoid red and orange colour


Red poinsettia, Amaryllis, and paperwhites

Mother’s day

Pink carnations and red carnations

These are the few occasions you can make use of this knowledge on. You can also mix and match to make a mesmerising bouquet. Still confused on what will look visually appealing? Do not have the time to sit through all the planning and arrangement of bouquet? Flowers & Petals have a delightful arrangement of flower bouquet each for every occasion. If you want to make a quick flower delivery in Sydney, all you have to do is visit and place your order. Your regards will be sent to your near dear and loved ones on time. They pick the freshest flowers to make the brightest of an impression. Check out their arrangement of flowers and place an order fast and efficiently.