How to clean 6 different sections of your office cleaning services

Work hard, Clean Harder: How to clean 6 different sections of your office

Office mess happens gradually. It starts by some papers on the desk and some files in the drawer and before you know it, there is a mess all around.  Sometimes mess happens in no time. For instance, you spill a steaming cup of coffee on the desk or over the carpet. Office cleaning is, without a doubt, very important and maintaining a clean office space helps the employees have a clear head. It is not only visually pleasing but also leaves a good impression on your clients and visitors.

You can divide each section into categories based on the foot traffic and design a plan accordingly. Here are some tips to clean each section of your office.

  • Carpets

Carpets define a workplace. Coffee and tea spills, dirty shoe prints, and dust can take away from its look and also decrease its life. Make sure that the carpets are cleaned regularly after each business day. Regular vacuuming is known to clean away 80% of the dirt and debris trapped inside a carpet, which increases its longevity. Always select a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment as these brush suck out all the dirt deep rooted within the carpet. There are also many deep cleaning options like hot water extraction, spin bonnet cleaning, and dry powder cleaning.

  • Hardware

Cleaning the computer systems, keyboards, CPU, mouse and other parts keeps them in a good condition and prevents the spreading of germs. You obviously do not wish to purchase new systems for your office every now and then. Therefore, it is recommended to take proper care of all the electronics. Never spray any liquid directly on the machine, always take some on a cloth and rub it lightly over the system. Portable battery powered vacuum works best for electronic devices, as it will not generate static electricity that can harm the system.

When cleaning the fan inside the CPU, make sure to keep something in between the blades, this will not generate any back voltage. To clean coffee spills on the keyboard or mouse, use water or a highly diluted solvent with a cloth, cotton swab or a foam swab.

  • Reception

The reception area should be visually pleasing and should also smell really good. The pathways should be clear and space should not have piles and boxes of files anywhere in sight. The seating spaces should be well cleaned and if you have a television in the reception, then make sure the screen looks new and edgy. The glasses and plastic water bottles should be put in the trash as soon as it gets empty. The glass doors should be cleaned to be shiny and new.

  • Windows

The outside windows are filled with bird droppings and a lot of dust and pollutants. To clean those stubborn stains, use vinegar and let it sit for five to ten minutes and then rinse it with water. For extremely crusty and hard stains, you can even use a razor. Using a vacuum, clean all the windows, frames and corners. Start off with a feather duster to clean the window blinds and then use a vacuum with brush or hose attachment. The brush should be run on each of the blind on both the sides.

  • Ceilings and Walls

Various ceilings are washable but some need special pampering. General ceiling cleaning includes getting rid of all the cobwebs using a feather duster or a vacuum brush. Make sure that you do not let it drop down on the floor or even if it does, it gets mopped. There are 3 kinds of ceilings namely Acoustic, Ceiling Tile and Plaster and each requires a different cleaning process.

Walls require regular cleaning, as they are prone to fingerprints, wall painting marks, and other scuff marks. Never scrub the walls to remove the stains as it could take out the paint. Use a sponge dampened with cleaning liquid and rub it gently over the stains.

  • Cafeteria/Lunchroom

This is one of the most important places, as here the team takes a break and eats to get back on track. The Cafeteria attracts a lot of traffic and thus requires regular cleaning.  All the trash should be removed, the counters should be cleaned and disinfected. Even refrigerator and microwave handles should be cleaned regularly, as these harbor more bacteria than any other place.

Use boards to display messages such as “This is your lunchroom, please put all the trash in the bin.” This way people will not disrespect the space and it will stay clean.

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