Buy top brand golf shafts at a reasonable price and enhance your golf gameplay style

Monark Golf, a full-time golf components provider, offers best quality golf shafts at affordable prices. All you need to do is just grab on under the offer of TaylorMade Golf on Sale – 60% OFF and take your game to the next level.

Buy top brand golf shafts at a reasonable price

Monark Golf, the only destination for golf players where they can get quality golf products of major brands at lower prices, including the golf shafts of TaylorMade. However, there are certain things that you should keep in your mind to buy the best golf shafts during TaylorMade Golf on Sale – 60% OFF offer.

Factors to consider for best golf shafts

  1. The position of the club:

If there is no perfect alignment with the head of the club to the grips, you will not get the desired swing, and you will miss your shot. Make sure that the back of the shaft aligns straight behind the target.

  • The kick point:

A golf shaft with a low kicking point will make the ball to soar higher. The increased kicking point enables the golf ball to have a lower trajectory.

  • Level of flexibility:

A flex golf shaft leads to accurate shots. The level of flexibility ascertains by the club’s capability to bend throughout the swing.

  • Shaft length:

Longer shaft means the higher distances in your shot. The reason behind this is it comes with additional flexibility. To find the best length of the club, measure the position where your wrist and hand crimp the grip.

  • Torque:

Moe torque allows the golf ball to get an improved flight. Golf iron with less torque makes the ball travel lower. So, choose accordingly.

Buy top brand golf shafts at a reasonable price

About the Company

Monark Golf has emerged as the major distributor of golf club heads and all major brand name shafts, grips, etc. Visit the online store now to enjoy TaylorMade Golf on Sale – 60% off TaylorMade golf shafts.