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Don’t let bad breath come in between your intimacy

Rachel loves her boyfriend Jake but something keeps coming up between their intimacy. She didn’t have the heart to tell her sweetheart that his breath is stinking and it’s not the onion-garlic ridden sandwich he had in the morning, which he claims to be the cause of it. She tried ignoring it for as long as she could until she couldn’t anymore. She understood coming out clean about the problem is going to solve the abruption in the flow of romance. Jake went into denial mode first and tried to cover his bad breath problem with mints and chewing gums, which did nothing to heal the problem. Rachel understood his struggle and helped him find the best solution. This is when she came across Breathealer and persuaded Jake to give this a try. He had lost hope in all the mainstream mouth fresheners, which claimed for fresher breathe. But never had he ever known that at least one in four people suffers from Halitosis.

Breathealer has natural ingredients and components that work from within to heal Halitosis. After the first use itself, Jake witnessed an upward spiral in his recovery. And within a month, Jake became a walking testimony for Breathealer’s effectiveness. They saved their intimacy with one new approach to Halitosis –Breathealer. In one study, it is estimated that nearly 60 million people in the United States alone will suffer from chronic Halitosis in future. You think your breath problem is different? Here is how Breathealer will help you combat halitosis and save you from embarrassing situations.

Bad breath is usually a symptom of an underlying cause than being a condition itself

Pungent smell that your breath acquires from onions and garlic is not halitosis. Are you going through sinusitis? Do you suffer from dry mouth? Consuming alcohol above your body’s limit and smoking causes dry mouth. Are you constantly consuming probiotics in the form of a variety of food products? Too much probiotics will evade the good bacteria from the mouth too. Maintaining balance is the key. And Breathealer does just that.

It has natural ingredients that work effectively on halitosis

Coconut oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and other natural ingredients together make Breathealer one of the best products for bad breath. What mouthwash does is that it kills all the bacteria in the mouth, be it good or bad. This contributes less to healthy oral hygiene and more to killing the healthy fauna of your mouth. Breathealer has natural ingredients, which suits every mouth. It doesn’t have alcohol so you don’t need to worry about the ill effects of it.

It works from deep within and helps in maintaining dental hygiene

If you also have gum problems and tooth decay problems, then adding Breathealer will add benefits to your dental hygiene. Gum problems are also associated with heart disease. Don’t risk your life on it and stop avoiding it if you have gum problems. Not only will it keep your gums happy and teeth shining, but also your breath fresh.

It is easy to use

All you need to do is squirt two pumps of Breathealer and swish it in your mouth for a minute then swallow it. It is easy to use and doesn’t just cover bad breath but heals it from within. There are other dental products that compliment it from the same brand. You can get the best products for bad breathe on their website at See the difference yourself!