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SEO mistakes you should avoid while putting your business online

The best thing that the Internet has done for the world is bringing people closer. Now, we all can take steps to make ourselves a global citizen. With the intervention of the Internet, maybe we are closer to the dream. From expressing an opinion, getting together, exploring culture, and things different from our own understanding, there are many things we can thank the Internet for. The sense of connectivity remains the same regardless of the content. You can also observe that even the most hated thing can have a cult following and flawless pieces can also be hated by some. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it does bring the world under our reach. All you need to do is online. And this has proved to be beneficial to the e-commerce websites.

Whatever be your wish and specification be, there would be something compatible on the Internet! But what if you are not able to find it because it is on the 10th page of the Google result? That’s how you start to lose customers. Being available and being seen are two different things. Make both of them work for your business with expert SEO services. Digital Marketing 360 offers SEO services in Chicago. SEO experts at Digital Marketing 360 will tend to all your digital marketing needs with optimal results. Visit to know more about their services.

Here are the top SEO mistakes that you can avoid and get good feedback online:

  1. When the content is of poor quality

Poor content quality will only sink the chances of the reader to check out your website. We cannot emphasize more on this point. Do not take the easy way out and belt out into writing content without knowing what your target audience would like. You don’t have to impress yourself but your target audience. Hire good content writers who will make it easier for you to make a good impression on whoever is reading. Writing is skill, so make it work for your venture.

  • When the keywords and the content do not match anywhere

If the keyword is ice-cream in America, then you cannot fit it into content that promotes shoe polish in China. This just makes no sense. This way your content, company name, and everything will come under the radar of Google’s algorithm and they will blacklist you. It is better to write good content and post it under relevant titles rather than being penalized for mindlessly putting your company’s name anywhere.

  • When plagiarism comes into play

If you are straight off taking content from one website word to word, then you will see the wrath of Google and they will blacklist you. Then you can forget about the chances of being seen even though your services will be available. Don’t let that happen and hire good writers who will refrain from plagiarism.

  • When a keyword is hidden and makes no sense

When you are hiding keywords under the URL of some image you used on your website and it has nothing to do, even remotely, with the thing people are searching for, then you lose credibility. And Google will come to catch your lie. The result, or shall we say punishment, is not something you’d like for your budding business venture. But with a great SEO team, you can avoid doing this mistake. Let Digital Marketing 360 handle this for you. They are based in Chicago, has SEO experts who will strategize and execute this work for you efficiently. Contact them at

  • When content takes too much time to load

How does it matter with the SEO point? Well, what Google does is that it measures the relevance of your content with respect to the time any consumer spent on reading your content. If they click on your website, see it load real slow and freeze, then they would just jump over the next result within a heartbeat. Maybe your website had the content along with the keyword and it all made sense. But Google will rank your page lower or maybe not give importance to it at all if people do not stay on your webpage for longer. This is how it works, so work on your page too.

  • When there is navigation issue and content is hard to find

Now, using keywords may have fetched you some clicks. But Google will see through the fraud by analyzing people’s response. Emphasizing on from the previous point, the amount of time people spend on your webpage decides its rank. So make sure you highlight the content that your consumers might be looking for and make navigation easier too.

  • Not uploading new content timely

Keywords change every other day, week or month. It also changes with the demographic. It doesn’t mean you post content once and it is over. You need to make fresh content and post it regularly to gain relevance and attention. Be seen by uploading frequently. This way Google’s algorithm will assume that your website is working and has relevance. And hence your rank in search pages goes up. These are the things you can avoid to gain some prominence in the online world. It is always a competition and you need to get out as a winner. And for that, you will need expert SEO tools and services. Digital Marketing 360 offers SEO services in Chicago. SEO experts there will provide you with all-round solution and strategy for your business and marketing objective. You can contact them today through their website at