A Guide on Mall Advertising 2022

Anything you advertise inside or outside of the mall is mall advertising. Malls have gained popularity recently. It has become a popular place to hang out for children, youngsters, housewives, families, professionals, and many others. That makes brands unstoppable to opt for mall ads.

Mall Advertising

Let’s cover the important and common places where mall ads can be seen:

– Mall branding can be done on ceilings. 

– Due to the big size of a mall – the audience is bound to use elevators. Hence, ads on elevators can be effective.

There are huge-sized floors in malls. So you can see the audience walking here and there in the mall. Hence wherever they walk or cross one section they pass by Freestanding which is placed straight, long in rectangular shapes mostly. It has different ads that keep on displaying as per day, brands, or anything new. The backlit displays make it more attractive

– Sky banners: this is something that makes mall branding unique. You can find big-big banners hung from the ceiling or floor by floor. That seems appealing when it comes to mall branding.

You can also look at the points you need to take care of, especially in the case of mall branding:


The audience of the mall comprises a huge proportion of parents. And it is inevitable they won’t come without children if they have one. The areas of interest surely differ for both parents and children. If you want undisturbed attention on mall ads for parents, you need to create a win-win situation for both of them. 

For example, for effective advertising in malls, malls can have Game zones, playgrounds, and engagement places created in malls for children. So that parents can leave them freely and can be carefree while shopping. You can also generate a separate portion of earnings via this. 

Smart advertisers keep products or stuff related to children nearby so that children while playing can develop a liking towards the same and this could be another reason for your next sales. This strategy holds huge potential and it is the most organic way to target kids along with parents.


 When you are advertising in the mall, you probably are using stalls, chairs, standees, banners, and mall branding things. It is advisable to keep them handy and buy portable promotional things. There could be many benefits of it. Some of them are:

Mall Advertising

5 Examples of Indoor Mall Advertising | RedFlag– In the mall after a week or so there is a new fest, events, and new celebration days like Women’s Day, Valentine’s day, car exhibition, art exhibition, Christmas, Diwali, and lots more events. So it is very expensive and futile to buy decorations for mall branding again and again frequently. Hence it is more affordable to have the same creative which can be used on 3-4 occasions. As the audience of the mall is quite diverse it won’t impact branding that much plus it makes you stand out among other stalls

– There are lots of activities that keep going on here and there in the mall. So there are also chances that you need to shift place accordingly. Hence the more portable stuff you have for advertising in the mall, the more cost you will save.

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