11 Tips for Smooth Facial Hair Removal

Do you have a lot of facial hair?  Does it affect your confident quotient?  Having excessive facial hair on the face, arms, back, and chest is the result of a genetic condition known as hirsutism. It causes coarse and dark textured hair growth. Many women feel embarrassed and nervous carrying the facial hair. However, now you can also face the world with confidence by getting rid of all the excessive and unwanted hair from your body using waxing.

Waxing will leave your skin silky and smooth and you will not have any hair growth for at least 2 months. Waxing works on every skin type and hair textures and removes the hair from the roots. It is a very affordable and effective method, which you can do by yourself.

Here are 11 tips for an effective facial hair removal for women using waxing method.

  • Wax in full hair growth: If you shave in between your waxing sessions then the results will not be as clean and smooth as expected. Let the hair grow 1/4th of an inch, this will make the process less painful and more effective.
  • Clean your face: Make sure to cleanse your face a day before you plan to wax. Use a good face wash and then scrub your face. This will remove all the blackheads and dead skin cells from your face. After scrubbing, do not forget to apply a nourishing moisturiser. This will hydrate the skin.
  • Select the right wax: The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Select a good quality wax, which is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists. Mello Wax offers a range of premium quality lavender hard wax beans, Rose beans, Tea Tree hard wax beans and home wax kits. It is recommended to use hard wax for the face and underarms. Try the wax on a small patch of skin first and then apply it to the face.
  • Test Wax Temperature: The wax should not be too hot or too cold. It should be warm enough to make your skin comfortable. For at-home waxing, test the temperature before applying it all over.
  • Keep Your Hair Tied: Do not let the wax touch your hair. Keep it back with a hairband or a scarf because you would not like the hair to come in the way.
  • Remove All Makeup: Do not apply any makeup on the waxing day. Even moisturiser should be used at least 2 hours before waxing because it makes the hair stick to the skin. The products also interfere with the wax application and can lead to infection by getting inside the pores.
  • Wash your hands:  You obviously do not need any rashes, infection, and skin irritation. Therefore, wash your hands or if someone else is going to wax you, make sure they do it using clean and sanitised hands.
  • Apply Talcum Powder: Lightly dampen your face or the area you will be waxing with fine talcum powder. This will make the skin dry and the hair will come off more easily.
  • Apply wax in direction of hair growth: Make sure to apply the wax in direction of hair growth and pull the waxing strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do not lift the strip upwards as you could hit your face. Keep the skin tight and stretched.
  • Do not wash with Hot Water: Never bring hot or even lukewarm water in contact with your skin immediately after waxing. Wash or spray the skin with cold water to remove any excess wax and soothe the skin. You can even use after wax lotion or Aloe-Vera gel.
  • Maximum twice: Wax an area maximum twice. If you can still spot some tiny hair then use a thread or tweezers to get rid of them. 

These 11 tips will definitely help all the women in facial hair removal. They provide a never-ending range of wax beans like honey hard, strawberry sensation, Lavender, chocolate rush and many more flavours.